B Fabulous BBQ


Alcohol Service

Yes!  We can provide beer and wine service at your event! B Fabulous BBQ & Catering holds the required State of Iowa liquor license and insurance to legally serve beer, ciders, malt beverages and wine distributed by our vendors.


Bartenders from B Fabulous BBQ are required to serve the alcohol at the event.  Bartenders are billed at an hourly rate based on the size of the event.    


Host Bar Requirements:


  • $30 per hour, per bartender, we recommend one bartender per 200 guests
  • All alcohol is provided and dispensed by B Fabulous BBQ & Catering
  • No alcohol may be provided or consumed from outside parties
  • Host bar bills the client on consumption per drink.
  • Industry standards recommend 2.5 drinks per guest, host is required to pay half of the product ordered prior to the event.  Final payment for actual consumption is due within 48 hours after the event.
  • House Wine by the glass  $4.50
  • Champagne Toast by the glass $5.00, plastic flute included
  • Imported Beers & Ciders $4.00
  • Domestic Beers $3.50
  • Soda & Bottled Water $1.00
  • We purchase our beer from Doll Distribution, who distributes Budweiser products.  A list of current inventory will be available at the time of the event.  We will work with you to choose a variety of products your guests will enjoy.